Operator Description
Accumulate Apply func(value, state) which is returning new state and value to emit
Cache Caching the emitted values (make a stateless publisher stateful)
CatchException Catching exceptions of following operators in the pipeline
CombineLatest Combine the latest emit of multiple publishers and emit the combination
Debounce Emit a value only after a given idle time (emits meanwhile are skipped).
Delay Emit every value delayed by the given time.
Filter Filters values based on a predicate function
Map Apply a function to each emitted value
MapAsync Apply a coroutine to each emitted value allowing async processing
MapThreaded Apply a blocking function to each emitted value allowing threaded processing
Merge Merge emits of multiple publishers into one stream
Partition Group size emits into one emit as tuple
Reduce Like Map but with additional previous result as argument to the function.
Replace Replace each received value by the given value
Sample Emit the last received value periodically
SlidingWindow Group size emitted values overlapping
Switch Emit selected source mapped by mapping
Throttle Rate limit emits by the given time